Saturday April 1st  -5C Overcast  4-6Cm new snow. Excellent groom from Summit for both skate and classic. No need to rush up as it will likely stay cold for a while. Delayed start to let the snow finish so watch for the machine. Roads and car parks OK for now. We will be closing soon so make the most of it.

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COVID-19 Policy for KNSASC

General: Maintain social distancing at all times. Do not use our facilities if you have any COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms.

Car Parks: You must remain in your vehicle until you have 2 metres distance from someone exiting a vehicle next to you. If you wish to set up chairs to eat or drink, only put them in front or behind of your vehicle, and not beside.

Cabins: These have occupancy limits, which will be posted on the doors. Masks are mandatory in the cabins, unless you are eating or are the only occupant. Cabins are still available for emergencies, but masks should be worn if possible. Cabins are NOT open for any overnight use.

Dogs: These are still allowed but any rambunctious dog must be leashed in the car park until on the trails (to avoid the owners getting close). Dogs must meet our criteria under "Canine"in the Trail Info section of the website.

Snowshoe Trails: Walk in single file, 2 metres apart. When passing other snowshoers, try to maintain 2 metres distance. Don't congregate at trailheads or at map locations unless masked.

Ski Trails: Do NOT classic ski down the centre of the ski trails. If wanting to converse with others, use the opposite lane and give way to skiers coming the other way. The classic tracks are 2.8 metres apart.

Ski Instruction: We will still have instruction for members and non-members. We have 4 registered instructors who will teach up to 3 persons max. They will maintain social distancing from clients.

Toilets: They are equipped with hand sanitizer, but it is recommended that you bring your own.

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