Snowshoe Info and Map

New Avenza Snowshoe Map (for use on mobile devices)

We are pleased to announce that we have a new Snowshoe Map. This map is a geo-referenced map that works with the free app Avenza Maps. Avenza Maps® is a mobile map app that allows you to download maps for offline use on iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Use your device’s built-in GPS to track your location on any map, plot locations and photos, measure distance and area, and more. Easily browse and purchase maps from all over the world through the Avenza Map Store—online or in-app.

To start, download the app Avenza from your app store, then search the Avenza store for Kelowna Nordic and download the map shown at the pin location for Nordic. The map will now be in My Maps where you can open it.
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Here is what the Snowshoe map looks like

More instructions on getting started with Avenza app and Snowshoe map can be found here:

Black and White Paper Map (for print use)

Click here to download the paper snowshoe map

A great day for a stroll.The snowshoe trails at McCulloch all have names beginning with Snow or Snowy (thanks Elsie and Ross), and are shown on the snowshoe map, available around town, in the ski cabins at McCulloch, and on the website.

WE DO NOT RENT SNOWSHOES! They can be rented from Fresh Air Concept and MEC in Kelowna. Rentals are for 24hrs which gives you a relaxing day.

Dogs are allowed on all snowshoe trails, provided they are obedient, socialized and do not jump up on other snowshoers. If they cannot meet these conditions, LEAVE them at home. They are not allowed in the cabins.

Snowshoe trails cross ski trails; please do not damage the set tracks when you cross them; lift your snowshoes over the track. DO NOT WALK ON SKI TRAILS AT ANY OTHER TIME, ESPECIALLY IN THE CENTRE.

Snowshoe trails are flagged with long pieces of orange tape with TRAIL on it. Do NOT follow other tapes or trails that people may have made. These are the main reason for people getting lost.

Snowshoe trail signs are (usually) red text on a yellow background; ski trails are green, blue or black, depending on their difficulty, on yellow. Snowshoe signs may be the name of the trail, the words Snowshoe Trail, the words Parking Lot, single arrows, or double arrows. Some trails feature numbers spray-painted on trees; these are not distances, they are trail numbers as shown on the snowshoe map.

The snowshoe trails form four groups from west to east. Note that the trail names are links; click the name and get additional information on that trail.

Connecting trails, running east and west, include Snow Business West, Snowy Hemlock,  and Snowy LV, a connection between Snow Vista and Snowy Leon (hence the name).

Other interesting  trails include Snowblind, Snowy Kitten, Snowy Moonlight, and Snowy Summit.

Note that the trail and junction locations on the map are only approximate. If you are uncertain about the trails, consider joining us for one of the guided snowshoe hikes advertised on the website as they occur.

As noted above, the snowshoe trails are marked with long pieces of orange tape with TRAIL on it. Blue, yellow, and green tapes are not ours. Clear tapes are our very old tapes; do not trust them. Yellow trail signs showing the name of the trail are placed where the snowshoe trails cross the ski trails, usually on the side you are facing when going out from the main parking lot. The other side usually has a sign simply saying Snowshoe Trail or Parking Lot.

The snowshoe trails provide access to four cabins, the Log Cabin (via Snowy Hilton and Snowy Log, or Snowy Cabin, or Snow Beauty), the Meadow Cabin (via Snow Vista ), Pym's cabin (at the north end of Snowy P.M.) and the Hoby Cabin via Snow Vista/Snowbound/Snow Goose. They are all day use only and any overnight stay requires permission from the club (email) beforehand.

If you know the trail you wish to read about, simply click its name below:

Snow Beauty | Snowblind | Snowbound | Snow Business | Snow Business WestSnowy Cabin | Snow Goose | Snowy Hemlock | Snowy Hilton | Snowy KittenSnowy Leon | Snowy Log | Snowy Lynx | Snowy Memorial | Snowy MoonlightSnowy Owl | Snowy P.M. | Snowy Summit | Snowy Valentine | Snow View | Snow Vista | Snowy Way

If you don't know the name of the trail, just browse through the whole list; it's in alphabetical order:

Total Distance: approximately 80 km

Last update: 10/2018.