Saturday April 16th. -8C. 2-5cm new snow. Sunny. Excellent groom. This will be our last groom. Skate only from Summit. Single classic track from Kallis. (Walk up 120m). Thanks for your support and see you in November.

Comment last updated: 2022/04/16 14:37

Ski Info and Map

Kelowna Nordic does NOT allow the use of backcountry, telemark or downhill skis on our trails.

There are 4 cabins on our trails. They are day use only and are not equipped for overnight stays.

Do not park in the carparks overnight without letting us know first. We may assume you are lost or plow you in if it snows heavily. If you contact us we can direct you where to park in case it does.

The trails at Kelowna Nordic are not patrolled or "swept" at the end of the day. All skiing is at your own risk.

If you cannot come to a stop going down hills, enquire about a lesson to help you do so.

We do NOT have ski rentals. Rent skis in Kelowna at Play it Again Sports. The ski rentals are for 24hrs which gives you lots of time to explore our large trail network without having to rush them back.