Grooming For Classic and Skate Skiing

groomingWe have approx 73 km of double-tracked groomed trails with a good range of difficulty, groomed regularly with 2 Pisten Bully snowcats. We also have 2 km of single-track trail that is occasionally groomed.

The PistenBully's are equipped with the latest grooming equipment and some custom upgrades. The use of these guarantees excellent trails in almost any condition. Our grooming season can run as late as April 20th.

We usually groom every day. During the week we groom from either the Main Cabin location or the Summit location.  On the weekend we groom from both. After a significant snowfall we may groom from both as well. Sometimes some or all trails are not re-groomed. This is because under certain conditions they are better left alone. If there is no grooming on a designated day it will be noted on the website.

Grooming is normally completed by 10:00 A.M. If you encounter the groomer, please move to the side of the trails carefully. The operator will wait for you to get settled before proceeding.

Our grooming is tracked by the tracking system. It is dependent on a WiFi stick which occasionally does not get a signal (mostly during snowfalls) from our phone provider. We cannot get cellphone service either when this happens. Do not assume what has or has not been groomed from this system. We are sometimes only able to update later in the day.


Trail Status: Open    Closed    Recent Snowfall, Grooming in Progress
Difficulty Length Trail Name Status Last Groomed
parking 0.0 km Kallis Car Park Nov 30
Walk up 200m to start
green 2.2 km Beaver Run Nov 30
Quite good.
green 0.1 km Ernie's Lane
green 1.4 km Jackrabbit
green 5.7 km Log Cabin Nov 30
Thin around Oops Hill otherwise good. Watch the wet area by the Log Cabin.
green 1.0 km Meadow Nov 30
green 0.7 km Riverside Connector
green 1.6 km Sawmill
green 0.9 km That Damn Trail
green 4.0 km Thunder Mountain Nov 30
Has had logging trucks on it so it is hard packed. Will be fast in places and bumpy in others.
blue 2.0 km Alta Vista (Single Track)
blue 7.5 km Backcountry Nov 30
Reasonable to Backcountry Cabin from Thunder Mtn. Icy from Fletcher to BKC junction.
blue 1.7 km Backcountry Connector
blue 1.7 km Diamond Dave's Nov 30
Watch for thin spots. The creek has a board across
blue 2.2 km Doe Run (Single Track)
blue 3.5 km Fletcher Challenge Nov 30
One of the better ones
blue 1.0 km Hawk Hill
blue 4.0 km JDS Energy Trail Dec 04
Thin at the Summit end.
blue 3.0 km K9 Trail
blue 0.8 km Kallis Creek
blue 1.5 km Lookout
blue 2.2 km Lower Meadow Dec 04
Bumpy in the lower half.
blue 0.7 km Mochi's Trail Nov 30
One of the better trails but careful down the humps.
blue 2.8 km Ol' 33
blue 2.4 km Old Cedar Trail Dec 04
Dirt from wheel ruts and grading for the first half from the Summit.
blue 4.1 km Olympic Dec 04
Only the upper half is done.
blue 5.5 km Riverside Dec 04
Thin and rocky by the bridge. Tread carefully.
blue 1.2 km Spruce Glen
blue 1.0 km The Swamp (Single Track)
blue 2.7 km Upper Meadow Nov 30
black 3.3 km Black Beauty
black 2.7 km Panorama
black 1.2 km Roller Coaster