Current Conditions

Current Weather as of 2021-11-30 06:00:00 PST (updated hourly)

Air Temperature
1.2 °C
Wind Speed/Direction
1.2 km/h SE
Gusts to: 6.1 km/h
Air Temperature
1.2 °C
Snow Since 0600 or 1800
0 cm
Snow Base
7.6 cm
Precipitation in the past hour?

Weather courtesy of the DriveBC website


Note: The webcam is situated on the edge of highway 33 at a lower altitude than our trails. The temperature on the trails is typically 1-3 degrees colder than that of the webcam. Also, the snow amounts are much higher at our high altitude trails.

NEW: Our grooming updates have now moved to the "Grooming" page under the "Trail Info" tab, where you will find the Nordic Pulse map.