Current Conditions

Current Weather as of 2021-09-24 07:00:00 PDT (updated hourly)

Air Temperature
-1.4 °C
Wind Speed/Direction
.2 km/h NW
Gusts to: 3.9 km/h
Air Temperature
-1.4 °C
Snow Since 0600 or 1800
No Data Reported
Snow Base
No Data Reported
Precipitation in the past hour?

Weather courtesy of the DriveBC website

The date shown as "Last Groomed" in the table below may not always be accurate as occasionally the skiTrail tracker drops out due to poor cell signal.

Note: The webcam is situated on the edge of highway 33 at a lower altitude than our trails. The temperature on the trails is typically 1-3 degrees colder than that of the webcam. Also, the snow amounts are much higher at our high altitude trails.

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