Saturday April 8th  -2C  Overcast/misty  0-2 cm new. Beautiful groom for the last one of the season. The trails are still in great shape with little melting. Come and end the season on a high note. Roads and car parks are muddy later in the day but usable. Enjoy.

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Canine Trails

Canine TrailsSkiing with dogs on a double groomed trail was pioneered at Kelowna Nordic approx. 20 years ago. From 3.6 km then, the trails for dog/skier use has risen to 23km today. In addition, dogs are allowed on all snowshoe trails.

The trails start at both the main carpark and the Summit carpark and interconnect between them.

The trails are marked by a "DOGS OK" sign on the trail. Due to insurance regulations, skiing with dogs on other trails is NOT permitted. The maps also have "dog'' and "no dog" icons on them.

Skiing with dogs can be very enjoyable but can also be unpredictable so we ask that you respect the following regulations at all times:

  • Skijoring/sledding is NOT permitted at any time on any of our trails.
  • Do NOT ski with your dog on a leash or attached to you in any way. It could become wrapped around your neck in a fall. Dogs that are not able to run unleashed without endangering other users are banned from our ski trails.
  • Dogs are not allowed in any of the cabins.
  • Aggressive breeds or dogs and non-socialized dogs are NOT allowed anywhere at Kelowna Nordic. Skiers with untrained dogs that chase other skiers or their dogs, are banned from our trail system.
  • Do not bag your dog poo unless you take it home with you. Just flick it off the trail with your poles.
  • Unless your dog stays near your vehicle in the carpark, it must be on a leash until you are skiing.

Non-members are asked to contribute $15 per day for use of the trails. The contribution may be deposited in the red box at the kiosk near the quonset and at the similar box at the Summit.

Dog owners please be aware that skiers without dogs may also use these trails. You must keep your dog(s) under control, especially on hills and when meeting skiers or other dogs.

This picture was taken on the K9 trail. Note the pooch wears the latest in footwear too. This prevents the buildup of snow balls on his feet.