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Comment last updated: 2022/12/08 16:12

Kelowna Nordic Masters 2023

Our 2022 Master’s program was a tremendous success. The members loved it! We need more coaches to expand the program for 2023! Would you like to be a part of the great experience of helping others glide more gracefully over our trails?

If you’ve had any previous coaching experience in either classic or skate and feel you could impart that to fellow members—we want you on our team!

We require team leaders and assistants to fill out our new program. For 2023, we plan on two four-week sessions from 10 am to noon on Sundays. The programs will start on January 8th and then again on February 5th. You could sign up for one four-week session or both.

All coaches and assistants will receive a free Master’s membership, mileage and on snow coaching sessions. Please reply to John Davina jddavina@hotmail.com or Lyle Nicholson lyelhn@shaw.ca if you want to join us or have any questions.

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  1. We missed out on this program last year, but look forward to participating this year! I have no coaching skills, however I have baking skills. I understand from talking with one the coaches last year, participants were offered snacks and warm drinks after lessons. I would be happy to provide some fresh baking for members to enjoy following the lessons. Regards, Sandy Feil