Saturday April 1st  -5C Overcast  4-6Cm new snow. Excellent groom from Summit for both skate and classic. No need to rush up as it will likely stay cold for a while. Delayed start to let the snow finish so watch for the machine. Roads and car parks OK for now. We will be closing soon so make the most of it.

Comment last updated: 2023/04/01 14:57

Ski Instruction

All new members receive a free ski lesson as part of their membership. It can be either skate or classic. Existing members who wish to try skate skiing or upgrade their skating skills also receive a free lesson. Existing skate only skiers may also get a free classic lesson

The club does not have a "ski school" but has a list of instructors who provide paid lessons to members and non-members as well. They are all highly skilled and teach to suit all skill levels.

For private ski lessons in 2023, please contact either of the following instructors:

Randy HagenĀ (available weekdays only)

Emanuela Bandol (available weekends and weekdays)

Please contact the instructors directly for availability and enquiries about cost.

For any other questions, please email us at: