Saturday April 16th. -8C. 2-5cm new snow. Sunny. Excellent groom. This will be our last groom. Skate only from Summit. Single classic track from Kallis. (Walk up 120m). Thanks for your support and see you in November.

Comment last updated: 2022/04/16 14:37


Please note that you ski/snowshoe at your own risk. Pay attention when and where you ski. The trails are NOT patrolled or "swept" at the end of the day.

NOTE:  Telus (and affiliate) cellphones have poor or no reception on much of our trail system, outside of car parks. Rogers (and affiliates) are much better but not 100% in all areas.

DO NOT snowshoe farther than you are capable of. DO NOT set out on a snowshoe trip late in the day unless experienced and equipped correctly.

If you are injured or have a medical emergency on our trails, call 911 and request that medical services be dispatched to the main cabin, if needed.

Calling one or more of the following persons (after 9-1-1) will probably result in a faster rescue because they are able to access a snowmobile and are familiar with the trail system:

  • 9-1-1
  • Karen Gretzinger 250-212-4781
  • Bryce Garton 250-317-7741
  • Ryland Garton 250-764-8273

The Club has two rescue toboggans and snowmobiles. The cabins are equipped with First Aid kits, unless stolen (this does happen).