NOTE:  Telus (and affiliate) cellphones have poor or no reception on much of our trail system, outside of car parks. Rogers (and affiliates) are much better but not 100% in all areas.

If you are injured or have a medical emergency on our trails, calling one or more of the following persons will probably result in a faster rescue since they are able to access a snowmobile and are familiar with the trail system:

  • Bryce Garton 250-317-7741 - call first
  • Ryland Garton 250-764-8273
  • Hugh Carmichael 250-763-5214
  • George Carr¬† 250-878-3320

If one or more cannot be reached, call 911 and request that medical services be dispatched to the main cabin if needed.

The Club has a rescue toboggan and snowmobile. The cabins are equipped with First Aid kits.

Please note that you ski/snowshoe at your own risk. Pay attention when and where you ski. Do not snowshoe farther than you are capable of. Do not set out on a snowshoe trip late in the day unless experienced and equipped correctly.

The trails are NOT patrolled or "swept" at the end of the day.